Get the most out of your workouts with an online trainer!

The AI of the free mobile app VP Trainers will build a personal training program and automatically adjust the load to suit your fitness level!

VP Trainers

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The required parameters are calculated automatically. All you need to do is follow your workout plan!
Register for free and create a personal account to access 1000+ exercises database!
Set the type of workout and select the areas of the body to work out.
The muscle groups of the workout can be adjusted. Change the required parameters and start exercising!
The application itself will form an individual training plan based on physical indicators and the parameters you set.
Track the progress of each exercise and achieve your goals! Take a couple of minutes to master it, and the result will not be long in coming!
Each exercise is accompanied by a detailed description and step-by-step execution technique.
If the machines you want are not available, select alternative exercises tailored to your workout parameters.

6 reasons to download
VP trainers:

Personalized plan

Auto-adjust workout to achieve your goal: weight loss, muscle gain, strength, endurance, flexibility

With VP Trainers, training is possible both indoors and outdoors. And even without special equipment!

VP Trainers will create a safe workout plan based on your personal performance
Extensive exercise base

1000+ exercises for all muscle groups
Load Progression

VP Trainers analyzes your training history and automatically adjusts the load level
Personal Trainer

Receive personalized advice and valuable advice from certified trainers online!

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